Emergencies happen.

It’s your response that counts.

Emergencies can quickly lead to devastating outcomes—a slow response and regulatory breach can damage your reputation and cost your bottom line. With Response, you’re armed and ready to protect your people and assets. Learn how we can mobilize your team more effectively and faster than ever before with a powerful emergency management app.

One, unified, agile ERP platform—configured for your organization

Unlike other apps, Response is fully configured for your organization—your ERP, precise GPS locations, and smart mapping functionality, updated contacts, your documents, checklists and much more. We aren’t a one-size-fits-all model because we know that each organization and situation is unique. We have established an agile business model that enables us to do this efficiently.
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Manage emergencies
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  • We have the communication that is needed in the event of an emergency

    “Birchcliff Energy has been using the Response app for several years. We have found that utilizing this new technology has ensured we have the communication that is needed in the event of an emergency... their knowledge and foresight has aided in the development of a product that works both corporately and in the field.”  

    - Jessie Haines, HSE Advisor Birchcliff Energy Ltd.
  • Ideal for keeping large groups of personnel informed of current status

    “We have used the Response app numerous times for ERP exercises, and have found it to be ideal for keeping large groups of personnel informed of current status. The roles and responsibilities checklist makes it quick and easy for those involved to be reminded of their individual tasks during an incident.”  

    - Dale Orton, Chief Operating Officer, Cardinal Energy
  • We would recommend Response to all festival and events planners

    “The Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival has worked with Response to help with our emergency coordination and communication. The group messaging systems has been instrumental in circulating key information to all our staff and volunteers. We would recommend Response to all festival and events planners and look forward to working with them in the future."  

    - Chris Kavanagh, Director of Production & Facility, Fringe Theatre
  • Black Gold has done an excellent job

    “Black Gold has been providing Emergency Response Planning services for approximately five years. During that time, Black Gold has done an excellent job of adapting its expertise and service delivery as Surge’s operational structure has evolved. Black Gold’s practical, straight forward approach to Surge’s Emergency Response program is enhanced with the Response mobile application which has been embraced by our Field Operations team when Surge’s Emergency Response system is put into action."  

    - Cory Larson, Manager Regulatory, Safety & Environment, Surge
opening quotation mark Emergencies happen. Protecting people, the environment, assets & reputations in a meaningful way has always been our objective. Response is a tool that can help minimize the impact of crisis events and bring order to the chaos. closing quotation mark

- Jason Swan, VP, Response

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