Emergencies happen.
It’s your response that counts.

One unified, agile Emergency Response system. Configured for your organization—whatever your industry

Say goodbye to multiple disjointed applications that slow your response when time matters most. Instead, prepare for and manage critical incidents with peace of mind knowing your team has accurate information in one cohesive, secure platform—configured specifically to meet your organizational needs. Plus, our integrated platform makes it easy for you to ensure your data is current, so you’re always ready to respond.

An all-in-one, powerful mobile emergency management platform, Response lets your team manage, document and activate your emergency response plan safely, seamlessly and with precision.

Energy and Utilities

Energy & Utilities

When emergency strikes–explosion, fire, severe weather event, leak, chemical hazard, evacuation or other business disrupter–you need fast and accurate data. Your operations carry with them high risks and you need to make informed decisions, mitigate hazards and ensure compliance. We fully understand your business having developed emergency response plans for a quarter century and distributed over 100,000 ERP documents and a team of emergency response experts with industry knowledge.

Prepare for and manage critical incidents with peace of mind knowing your team has accurate information in one cohesive, secure platform—configured specifically to meet your needs in the energy sector. Response can help you mobilize and track at any given moment, whether on-site or on the move.


Depending on the nature of the business, manufacturers can face a wide variety of threats. Make your emergency plan more accessible to your team so they can reduce harm by responding with mobile access to important documents, incident tracking in one powerful app with Response.


Fire, life safety, communication and evacuation planning are critical elements of your safety program. Safeguard your employees and product, while also meeting complex health and safety regulations, with the Response app. We have the tools built right in to help you swiftly execute your emergency response plan, from any location.
Events and Entertainment

Events & Entertainment

If you manage events, an emergency response plan that identifies and prepares for risks and threats is critical to ensure the safety and security of the people at your events. The Response app helps event personnel and your security team manage incidents quickly. Armed with mass text messaging capability, quick communications among staff and accurate information that’s up-to-the-minute, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re ready to face the unexpected.
Local Authorities and Agencies

Local Authorities and Agencies

Our 24/7 world means all levels of government need to be ready to respond immediately to incidents that threaten life, property or social order. Let the Response app increase your team’s capacity to plan for the unthinkable, and respond securely and with clarity if an event does occur. Response gives you a comprehensive suite of emergency response tools you need at a price that fits even the leanest of budgets. Get your team working with a common operating picture—even remotely—on a single, powerful app.


Every weekday, school staff are entrusted to provide a safe environment for thousands of students in public and private schools, as well as transit programs. When a school-based emergency occurs, staff need to act—fast. Ensure your school’s emergency response plan is ready with the latest in rapid notification and communication tools. Response can seamlessly put your team on the same page with informed, consistent messages, tasks and documentation on a single mobile app.


Whether it’s a flood, fire, hurricane, or human-caused disaster, your operations can be seriously impacted by an incident. The ability to quickly manage change and put your emergency response plan into action is key to ensuring the safety of your people and assets, while continuing to serve your clients—who may need you even more during this time. Don’t let your important work get pulled off course. With the simple, all-in-one emergency management app, Response, you can prepare now to be ready when the unexpected happens.
  • We have the communication that is needed in the event of an emergency

    “Birchcliff Energy has been using the Response app for several years. We have found that utilizing this new technology has ensured we have the communication that is needed in the event of an emergency... their knowledge and foresight has aided in the development of a product that works both corporately and in the field.”  

    - Ryan Sloan, HSE Manager, Birchcliff Energy Ltd.
  • Ideal for keeping large groups of personnel informed of current status

    “We have used the Response app numerous times for ERP exercises, and have found it to be ideal for keeping large groups of personnel informed of current status. The roles and responsibilities checklist makes it quick and easy for those involved to be reminded of their individual tasks during an incident.”  

    - Dale Orton, Chief Operating Officer, Cardinal Energy
  • We would recommend Response to all festival and events planners

    “The Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival has worked with Response to help with our emergency coordination and communication. The group messaging systems has been instrumental in circulating key information to all our staff and volunteers. We would recommend Response to all festival and events planners and look forward to working with them in the future."  

    - Chris Kavanagh, Director of Production & Facility, Fringe Theatre
  • Black Gold has done an excellent job

    “Black Gold has been providing Emergency Response Planning services for approximately five years. During that time, Black Gold has done an excellent job of adapting its expertise and service delivery as Surge’s operational structure has evolved. Black Gold’s practical, straight forward approach to Surge’s Emergency Response program is enhanced with the Response mobile application which has been embraced by our Field Operations team when Surge’s Emergency Response system is put into action."  

    - Cory Larson, Manager Regulatory, Safety & Environment, Surge
Designed to protect people and assets, and effectively mobilize teams — Response is a user-friendly, secure and simple to integrate.

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