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Emergencies happen. It’s your
response that counts.
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Emergency management software for business

Emergencies happen. Our response – the way we react to the crisis as Individuals, organizations, and businesses – is the difference between success and failure.

Protecting people, the environment, assets and reputation in a meaningful way has always been our reason for being. We understand how a crisis can rock even the most stable organizations. Minutes—even seconds—count when responding to critical events.

With decades of experience in emergency response, business continuity and software development, our team brings valuable first-hand experience to this story of innovation.

With Response, you’re armed and ready to protect your people and assets. Learn how we can mobilize your team more effectively and faster than ever before with a powerful emergency management app

The Response app makes it easy for you to ensure your data is current, so you’re always ready to respond.
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We help our customers protect their people, the environment, their assets and reputations, improving the resiliency of their operations.
In-house software development team + deep emergency response expertise = nimble reactions + better innovation

One platform that allows for unique, secure, compartmentalized data

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Our Story of Innovation

The Response leadership team knows emergencies from days spent on the back roads with only heavy emergency response binders to guide us through a crisis. These were the days before cell phones and instant communication. We learned the rhythm of emergencies the old-fashioned way.

As smartphones and tablets became more and more popular in the last decade, we noticed emergencies becoming more complex. In the past, communication was challenging, and binders sat in company trucks unopened, which led to inefficient, disjointed reactions at critical points. Important information remained in silos, making it difficult to gain a common operating view of the situation and apply an appropriate response.

We knew this needed to change. So, we created a solution that leveraged new technology to materially improve emergency response. Response (formerly BGGoPlan) was born. The first commercial license agreement was signed in 2013 and in the following year, we deployed 600 user applications to a single large industrial company operating in both Canada and the United States.

From there, Response evolved and interest grew.

Led by Emergency Response and
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Marlin Hovrisko
Marlin Hovrisko
Founder & President
Jason Swan
Jason Swan
Vice President
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Beyond the Binder: Environmentally Friendly Solutions

Sponsor of TreeCanada

Our technology goal is to provide emergency response capabilities in a smart, efficient, and paperless manner. As part of our commitment to being a sustainable company, Response is a diligent annual sponsor of Tree Canada.

Tree Canada is a registered charity dedicated to planting and nurturing trees. For 25 years, Tree Canada has engaged companies like Response in the pursuit of a greener and healthier living environment for Canadians.

Since 1992, Tree Canada has planted more than 82 million trees, greened more than 660 schoolyards, helped restore places hit by natural disasters and brought together urban forestry experts greening cities all across Canada.