Manage your entire
crisis with one
unified emergency
response platform

Streamline your response with precision

When emergencies happen, you need fully integrated ERP capabilities to respond effectively. We put the power in your hands with one complete solution for disaster response and business continuity, allowing your team to launch, manage and track your response with confidence.

One unified agile ERP platform—configured for your organization

Unlike other apps, Response is fully configured for your organization—your ERP, precise GPS asset and hazard mapping, updated contacts, your documents, checklists and much more. We aren’t a one-size- fits-all model because we know that each organization and situation is unique. We have established an agile business model that enables us to do this efficiently.


How Response Works


Common operating picture

Increase your speed and decisiveness with high quality data to assess risks and prevent them from harming your people or disrupting your operations. Seamlessly plan, collaborate and respond appropriately. Keep your team prepared and informed with the functionality of a single dashboard. With secure messages, GPS mapping, activity logs and more, your team will be on the same page, no matter the location.

Remote access

Remote access allows the Response mobile app to be used in the most isolated and inaccessible areas.


The Response dashboard creates a common operating picture that can be monitored and maintained within the company, like those within a corporate office.


On-the-go connectivity regardless of cell coverage

Say goodbye to outdated binders that can prohibit and delay an effective response. As the industry leader in ERP mobile technology for business, Response is with you every step of the way, even in remote locations, regardless of cell coverage.

Dynamic task management

Personnel turnover and an outdated emergency response contact list can mean the right people aren’t activated at the right time. During a response, there are a myriad of moving parts to manage. Take the pain out of ensuring your contacts are updated, notified and tasked—making the entire experience efficient and collaborative. Our technology securely assists with management of change, workflow, roles, responsibilities and regulatory compliance.

Capitalize on GPS field intelligence

Pinpoint the exact location, assets and operations that are impacted by a disaster with real-time GPS location-based visual field intelligence. GPS pins that are triggered by the Time & Event Log entries made via a mobile device are programmed to show up on your asset map, providing you with an accurate depiction of when and where events are occurring. A map hosts geographical information on your assets and relative impacted stakeholders.

Assign roles & responsibilities

Assigning and monitoring roles and responsibilities has been made easier with Response’s technology. The mobile app allows individuals assigned to a specific role to check off task assignments, alerting others that these actions have been completed.

Updated contacts

Push technology allows Response to release the newest information to your device without a disruptive installation process, ensuring your important contact lists are always up to date.


The Response technology securely integrates with leading messaging, cloud database, and mapping APIs to ensure that data is always in synch across client apps. Required logins for every user and private group text messaging ensure the ultimate security of the mobile application; clients can trust that their company’s information is always safe.


Secure group messaging technology

Emergencies never happen at an opportune time. During a crisis, you may need to communicate quickly with multiple audiences impacted in your operating area. Our instant notification feature can help you act quickly and decisively while communicating through SMS and MMS group messaging and notification. All communication is within a secure group that can be monitored via the dashboard.

Rapid notification

Rapid notification within the Response app allows you to keep your team up to date in the most detrimental of times.

Response app screenshots on phone


Asynchronous document access

All documentation (ERPs, maps and forms) is available regardless of cellular service. Users can also make entries to the Time & Event Log that will save to the device and upload when the device finds cellular service.

ERP/Document library

The Response app provides a single location that houses all relevant company Emergency Response Plans and other necessary documentation, without having to carry around multiple binders of information.

Time & Event Log, automated compliance, task workflows

Ensure regulatory compliance and due diligence through our technology that allows clients to manage emergencies. Users can enter pertinent information regarding the emergency via the dashboard or mobile app, and the information will be visible to all participants.

Your Branding

Custom brand your environment with logos and naming conventions to create instant recognition of the mobile app during an emergency.

Executive reporting

With a user-friendly dashboard, senior managers can see which roles have been activated and monitor the status of any crisis response in real-time.

Corporate/organizational considerations

Our technology integrates privacy considerations and requirements as part of the design. Response is hosted on tier three cloud storage sites that incorporate backup. Whether you are a small or large organization, the Response app is scalable to meet the complexity of your operations.
Step 1

Get Started

We start by thoroughly gaining an understanding of your Emergency Response Plan (ERP). If you do not have a plan, or need assistance in updating a plan, contact Black Gold Emergency Planners.
Step 2


Our professional in-house software development team configures our technology according to your specific requirements.
Step 3


Our development team validates the configuration of the app and facilitates a quality assurance process. Upon completion, we distribute the application to key individuals for final review and approval.
Step 4


All users are sent a secure link from which they download and install the app to their phone.
Step 5


The mobile app is proven to be intuitive, regardless, we’ll train your team so they’re comfortable with the features that are important to them. We’re always available by phone and email to provide support.
Step 6

Customize & Update

The power is in your hands – you can now update any changes to your company contacts or emergency response material. These updates will automatically be pushed to each user’s mobile device.
Step 7


When a disaster strikes, or as part of scheduled field training, the user is now ready to respond with the latest information at their fingertips.


Ionic logo


Ionic provides tools and services for developing hybrid mobile, desktop, and progressive web apps based on modern web development technologies and practices. Ionic uses plugins to gain access to host operating systems features such as Camera, GPS, Flashlight, etc. These plugins allow Response to efficiently develop the mobile app in a scalable fashion, and customize it for Android, and iOS.
Google Cloud Platform logo

Google Cloud Platform

The Response mobile app is built atop the (GCP) and makes use of modular cloud services for mapping, analytics, database access and storage.
ESRI logo


Esri (Environmental Systems Research Institute) is an international supplier of geographic information system software, web GIS and geodatabase management applications. Esri’s solutions are based on ArcGIS technology. ArcGIS is a platform for organizations to create, manage, share, and analyze spatial data. The ArcGis platform is a premier feature to the Response app that provides geographical information on each client’s assets and impacted stakeholders.
AWS logo

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The Response technology utilizes AWS as a cloud platform, which offers flexible, reliable, scalable, easy-to-use, and cost-effective cloud computing solutions. As our client’s geographical data is of prime intellectual importance, we use the AWS dynamic storage solution to securely store this data.
Twilio logo


Twilio is at the heart of our group messaging technology. The Twilio Platform is a cloud communication building platform that is integrated into the Response app. This technology allows Response clients to focus on ensuring the safety of their employees. The integration of the software provides a ready-made distributed software layer that enables both SMS and MMS communication to reach anyone in the world during an emergency.
Auth0 logo


Security and role-based permissions are always priority with the Response app. We partner with Auth0, a world leader in secure cloud-based authentication, to provide online and offline single sign-on (SSO) authorization services to our Response application. Once a user is correctly validated, our Response app utilizes additional Auth0 modules to assign varying roles to the user, thereby providing options and features set to the user.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does using the app involve a large learning curve? I just want it to work!
Our designers have generated a user interface that is simple and elegant. We have listened to clients, made improvements and presented the information in an easy to find fashion. There is no “hunting for features” during an emergency. Our goal in designing the app was to make accessing critical information second nature; we want responders to focus on the emergency at hand and not get lost in a user manual.
What type of phone is the Response app compatible with?
Response’s app technology is built for superior functionality and optimized for performance using iPhone, iPads and Android devices.

Android, by its nature, is designed to run on many different types of devices from phones to tablets, to even televisions and automobiles. With such a wide range of devices available, contact us to identify if the operating system or version that you are using is supported.

As technology advances, older generation devices are no longer supported by Response’s technology. Our developers want to ensure that there is a balance between supporting older technology without sacrificing critical emergency response performance.
Does Response work in poor cell coverage areas?
Around the clock 24/7 emergency response plan (ERP) access was a critical design consideration for our mobile app. Using asynchronous technology, our users have access to their emergency response plan regardless of whether they are in airplane mode, in a poor cellular coverage area or there is a regional cellular network problem.

The app solves a very significant problem of providing access to critical ERP information when it matters most – during an emergency.
How many characters can be placed into the group text message before the message gets truncated?
The character limit for a single SMS message is 160; however, most modern phones and networks support chain messages up to 1600 characters.

When you send an SMS message over 160 characters, the message will be split. Large messages are segmented into 153-character segments and sent individually then rebuilt by the recipient’s device.
Is the mobile app available on the App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android phones?
Because emergency response information is private and sensitive in nature, the Response mobile app is not on the App Store or Google Play. We currently use Mobile Application Management (MAM) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) technology to deploy boutique client apps to our end users in a secure and targeted manner.

Response will distribute apps on the App Store and Google play in the future, but before shifting to this new distribution model, our team wants to ensure that we can achieve the same security and simplicity for the end user that we currently deploy.
Is Response adaptable to different industries?
Yes – the mobile app is designed to be modular and scalable. Clients provide their own content and capitalize on the efficiency of the technology. All industries can benefit from the added value of seamless collaboration and the instant access to critical emergency response information available at their fingertips.
How do I notify personnel required to respond to an emergency?
The mobile app is currently being used in a meaningful way to notify personnel. Large multi-million-dollar companies have been using the text messaging feature in a secure and documented way to contact response personnel and third-party workers. The app enables clients to expand or contract their communication groups as necessary.

For example, during an emergency event, one client sent over 1600 messages to personnel to ensure clarity of communication. All the while the messaging feature was facilitating this communication and a record was maintained in the Response dashboard.
Can I retrieve documentation from the mobile app at the conclusion of an emergency?
The mobile app is part of a much larger eco-system including the dashboard, full text messaging service, and ArcGIS mapping architecture. Information is presented in a clean, straightforward ‘portal style’ dashboard that can easily be viewed on any desktop. All data is updated in real time, and can be exported to any format when needed.
Can I keep a log of the text messages sent within the app?
To secure our client’s data, we partnered with a North American, third-party cloud database that provides real time access to all text message data. Text messages from all recipients are aggregated, which can then be exported at any time into an Excel format for further filtering or record keeping.
How does the mobile app save companies time and money?
The act of printing an ERP and the associated documentation (maps, schematics, charts) is a snapshot in time. Sending hard copies to personnel gives them the latest information at the time of printing. However, we live in a dynamic world with ever-changing data and information. The mobile app solves this inefficiency by allowing our clients to update information in real time and deliver it in a mobile format with value-added communication features. This smart technology saves our clients time, enhances response capabilities, demonstrates preparedness to stakeholders (regulators, community, insurance, shareholders, personnel) and saves money.
Does Response have a support line to troubleshoot any questions?
Yes. The Response help desk is available to offer technical support between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm (MST). Response also has a support email for after-hours inquiries.

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