Festival Company – Event Coordination & Security

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Festival Co.* hosts an annual festival in North America that aims to transform the definition of theatre. This organization works to foster local artists and connect them with their unique audiences in unconventional ways. An advocate of art and story, Festival Co.* is the largest festival of its kind across North America.

Client Challenge

Festival Co.* had a need to communicate effectively and efficiently prior to and during the course of its events. Regular text messaging and radio channels had previously proven to be ineffective due to cellular disruption caused by attendees and crowds.  

The Response Approach

The secure text messaging feature on the Response mobile application allowed for superior communication and sharing of information throughout the planning process of Festival Co.* events, as well as during the events themselves, specifically through emergencies and security breaches. 


  • Thousands of stakeholders protected.
  • Enhanced communication for safety, security and event coordinators
  • Festival coordinators were given the ability to expand or contract users throughout the planning and execution of the event

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