Proud Recipient of the Alberta Innovates Grant

Rewind to 2012, our team at Black Gold knew that technology in this industry was a missing piece, and we began to expand into the world of software development, leading to the establishment of BGGoPlan Inc. From there, BGGoPlan took into consideration the evolving world of technology and utilized it in the industry of emergency management. As we changed and grew – we knew it was time for a rebrand, which is where we are today. 

Some readers might know – we are a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. And we are proud to say that our app is built and maintained by a highly experienced team with decades of experience in emergency response and crisis management within a wide range of industries.

In an emergency, communication is essential–no questions asked. And, it needs to be understandable, timely and in sequence. Any emergency communication tool that is created needs to guarantee the delivery of accurate, and timely information to all recipients.  Our impact on the industry stems from our knowledge and relationships with those who are on-site. We know that our technology will and is making a lasting impact on how teams communicate in the event of an emergency – or simply communication during a large-scale event. 

We are changing the way people respond by solving situational awareness. It is key to our software design and approach.

What is the Alberta Innovates Grant? 

We are so thrilled to be selected for the Alberta Innovates Grant so we can continue our innovation process and better our mobile application for those who need it most. Alberta Innovates is an organization that expands the horizon of possibilities to solve today’s challenges and create a healthier and more prosperous future for Alberta and the world.

“This funding will enable our team at Response to continue to drive our technology forward to enable organizations to remain connected during emergencies,” said Jason Swan, Vice President of Response. “At Response, we know how important our communities are – whether here in Calgary or beyond our borders, which is why we are so honoured to have been selected as the recipient for this community-based funding.”

“Response will use this funding to continue to grow our team of subject matter experts while also advancing our communications technology. Our team at Response is dedicated to ensuring the feedback loop in emergencies is clear, well established and reliable.”

We want to thank the team at Alberta Innovates for choosing to invest in our technology. Our work is critical in the protection and connection of communities during emergencies. 

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