Response: A Story of Innovation and Passion

At Response, we understand emergencies and the need to act quickly to protect people, the environment and reputations. In the days before smart phones, we lived in our trucks on back country roads with only heavy, dated emergency response binders to guide us through a crisis. We learned the rhythm of emergencies the old-fashioned way.

Then along came technology. Satellite phones, turned into cell phones, which morphed into tablets and smart phones. Each change disrupted the rhythm of response.

Our team noticed emergencies becoming trickier to handle.

Communication channels were confused and binders sat in company trucks unopened. Communication was inefficient, reactions disjointed, and response teams not moving forward in lockstep. Important information remained in silos, making it difficult to gain a common operating view of the situation and apply an appropriate response.

We knew this disjointed effort needed to change and we believed we could create the solution, merging our emergency response expertise with our passion for technology.

We had a vision and leveraged new technology to materially improve emergency response.

Now, our clients can manage an entire crisis with one unified emergency response platform through the Response app.

We put the power in their hands with one complete solution – supporting disaster response and business continuity. Unlike other apps, Response is specifically configured to each of our client organizations – their ERP, precise GPS asset and hazard mapping, updated contacts, documents, checklists and so much more.

“At Response, we help our customers protect their people, the environment, their business and reputations, improving the resiliency of their operations.”

– Jason Swan, VP, Response

With Response, you’re armed and ready to protect your people and assets. Learn how we can mobilize your team more effectively and faster than ever before with a powerful emergency management app.

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